Tom Thomson’s New Blog Launched

Tom-of-the-coast-of-Maine-2Welcome to R&R!

This blog will be a continuing set of reflections and remarks on modern society and politics with a focus on the US.

I hope to make this blog both interesting and challenging. In recent years, I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of public discourse in the United States and hope to use this blog a one small vehicle for raising the level of that discourse.  Personally, I tend to view the world through secular humanist and socially progressive eyes.  Although I do come from the progressive tradition, I also try to keep my eyes, mind and heart open to a variety of points of view and to engage in constructive dialogue.

The title of this blog is not accidental.  In military circles R&R conjures up notions of stepping back from the battle field and resting and recuperating from its stresses.  Although one can never escape the cultural fray, I shall try to write pieces here that are not hyperbolic or frenetic but rather provide an opportunity to step back for a moment or two relatively peaceful reflection on American and world society.  Passions run high in the world today and I may from time-to-time fall victim to unnecessary intemperance but, in the main, I hope to provide prudent reflection rather than vitriol.

I look forward to your comments and reactions in the days and weeks to come.

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